Hold Your Breath!

Two Player game

Before you start:

Take the allies and foes and place them on the opposing sides board. Be wary of your selection: this will determine how easily, or frustrating the gameplay will become. ( You don’t want to make it too easy for the other guy, do you?)

Choose who goes first with a contest! Whoever holds their breath the longest (please be cautious) rolls  first. Whatever number is rolled, becomes the number of 90 degree turns you take into the maze.

Players start on opposite sides of the board. Your starting point is designated on the board itself.

You are given five points of oxygen each. Foes you come across can take away a bar; so be careful!

Each turn will take away one bar of oxygen. Each time you collect a pearl you get a bar of oxygen back. Be strategic on your playing, because you will eventually need to reach a dolphin to gain a breath back too!

The object of the game is to retrieve as many pearls as possible before you reach the finish on your enemy’s side.  Whoever does so without losing oxygen, wins!


Savvy Sea turtles bash through the barriers to carry you safely through the maze

Starfish will hold you close, and gain an  extra turn!

Friendly Dolphins share their air! Breathe in! You get all your oxygen back!


Shark attacks can steal your pearls and deplete your oxygen, BEWARE!

Eels build defend open spaces. Retreat and go around!

The Octopus is greedy. Lose a turn!